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Robot Investments


   a resourceful connection between private and institutional  Investors and Entrepreneurs. With hundreds CEOs and fast growing Investment community, active participation in Robotic and Investment events worldwide; a quarterly DealFront magazine; and a deal-exchange website that provides an introduction of an Entrepreneurs to an Investors, Robot Investments believes that it is important to reach investors in every medium possible - both online and offline.
   Robot Investments has had the opportunity to work internationally with Private Investors representing millions of dollars to Robotic and Content technologies and enterprises.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA Robot Investments' global network creates the best investment  opportunities in Robotic and Content fast growing market.

   Throughout history, economic development and improvement in the human condition have been fueled by technological achievement and its commercial application. The commercialization of science and technology will continue to be a fundamental force driving social and economic change and improving quality of life throughout the world for many years to come.

   Entrepreneurs with the vision and determination to bring these new technologies to the marketplace have built the dominant companies of today and will build the dominant companies of the future.


Robotic Market Development  

 USA    Canada  China
 EU  Japan    Korea

Robotic Investments Opportunities

 USA  Canada  China
 EU  Japan  Korea



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New and Notable
 10.09.05 Robot Investments to publish Robot Magazine (e-version and print) in Russian language  
10.09.05 Robot Investments to host RoboFest  in Moscow, Russia  
10.10.05 Robot Investments to conduct negotiations between Innova Holdings, Inc (  ) and RosCosmos (Russian Space Program) on Hubble repair.
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